Making the Future Female

History (or herstory) is clearly moving

History (or herstory) is clearly moving against those that try to fix social relations in a pattern of
domination and subordination based on gender and other differences.

And we need to start dismantling the hierarchies as well…

DOG Sharon: The Future is Female!

A thrilling story of love, courage and humour with a crucial
message of hope and change for the entire planet.

Available as a paperback and ebook at,


One response

  1. samir

    Hi Lowerarchy – like your ambition! The elites and their hierarchies have a lot of vested interest in keeping things just as they have been for a long long time through their wars, power, money and bullshit. Betcha have difficulty in getting your radical story out into mainstream, sounds brilliant though as just took a look at your hyperlink, I hope the women really do bring change, we need it bad! will check it out, good luck, samir

    November 5, 2011 at 6:10 pm

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