Making the Future Female

Welcome to the DOG Sharon page

The Future is Female!

“We don’t need gods and goddesses for we are women, we gave birth to humanity and we’ll solve our own problems…”

Read how an ordinary woman saves the world…and has the last laugh!


DOG Sharon front cover

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Easter 2012. Office worker Sharon Brough thinks it’s a dream when she receives strange powers. At first, she’s confused and scared, but after finding a dozen female followers, she begins a series of crazy adventures and creates a worldwide women’s secret network.

The women set about having a good time while solving the issues of the age; over-population, pollution, climate change, war, crime, urban decay and poverty, violence against women, people trafficking, phone hacking and political corruption.

Sharon soon realises humanity’s problems are literally Man-made and reluctantly devises a radical non-violent solution…

There’s only one drawback, it could mean the end of men!

DOG Sharon: The Future is Female is a thrilling story of love, courage and humour with a crucial message of hope and change for the entire planet.


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