Making the Future Female

Is Religion a Disease?

I’ve recently been diagnosed with Palindromic Arthritis, an incurable auto-immune disease closely related to rheumatoid arthritis. After mentioning this to a bloke in the sauna at the local gym at Tudor Grange last week, he told me the condition could be cured by prayer at the Christian Renewal Church in Lode Lane Solihull. He said an ex-nightclub bouncer would ask the Holy Spirit to assist. Apparently cancer, heart diseases, alcoholism and many other afflictions have vanished during services at the former truck factory on Tuesday evenings.

He got quite excited then and told me the Earth was 6000 years old, Adam and Eve actually existed, that the Sun would shortly wear out as a candle burns down and the End of Times was near. He leaned closer and added that if I let the Lord Jesus Christ into my life I could live forever.

I asked a couple of questions and it was clear he knew little of the history of Christianity, other faiths and cosmological theories. After explaining the Sun shone due to a nuclear reaction and the Universe was roughly 14 billion years old I said I’d prefer to trust the expertise of the consultant rheumatologist at Solihull Hospital.

While I believe in religious freedom, it’s obvious gullible folk are being told nonsense in an attempt to recruit new members for this group. Clearly prayer and miracles don’t happen or there’d be no need for hospitals or graveyards and no child would ever die.They say “God is Love” then talk about Hell and damnation and how only some will be saved. And don’t even ask about sexuality or gender relations! These people want to take society backwards – we can’t sit back and let that happen.

It’s awful to think they’re messing up kid’s minds with this nonsense when there’s not a single scrap of evidence for what they’re claiming, and scary that many members of the congregation of this self-styled church give 10% of their annual income. We need to wake up to this attempt at brainwashing and work together to Keep Religion Out of Schools. KROS

It cannot be right that such promises and claims are being made to people with incurable diseases. If someone said this about a medicine it would be illegal. We’ve seen an increase in Christian activity round these parts recently and it’s important for sensible people to stand up for rational thought and humanity.

As Sharon Brough says,

“The time of leaders has passed, and the age of governments is ending. We’re not looking to the past but to the future. We don’t need gods and goddesses for we are women – we gave birth to humanity and we’ll solve our own problems.”


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