Making the Future Female

It’s Othering Sunday…


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  1. Archon was a name I pulled out of a grade 11 history book. The king of Sparta had been killed in one of the Greek wars, leaving a son, too young to rule. Seven wise men were appointed to rule as regents and train the boy, until he became old enough to rule in his own right. These men were called Archons. Seven was a self- limiting number, large enough to provide a wide range of knowledge and prevent any one of them from unduly influencing the future king. I’ve carried the name through the CB-radio era, and a personalized licence plate, and find the word in several books I’ve read, with other, somewhat different meanings. Thanx for stopping by my site and commenting. Feel free to return any time. You have some interesting posts. I must stop in from time to time. What is the significance of the Ankh-type symbol?

    August 12, 2012 at 5:04 pm

  2. Hi mate – thanks for a great response. I’ve written a fantasy/satirical novel about a female messiah figure. I’ve drawn on Gnostic ideas rather than Christian for the metaphysics, so have Rex Mundi as a Tempter figure with Sophia as a supporter of the heroine. The Archons are 7 dark figures who take over human males and try to stop my heroine succeeding in her mission.

    The symbol is an amalgamation of the Venus/feminity sign and the “lollipop” warning symbol carried by school crossing patrol wardens in the UK. These folk are called “Lollipop Ladies” here and my heroine has 12 disciples, one of whom is a Lollipop Lady.

    I’ll certainly pop in and say hello and check out your most interesting stuff again.

    Nice to have met you – regards Dave

    August 12, 2012 at 7:34 pm

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