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ATOS kills

I’ve an appointment with the crazy ATOS healthcare bozos tomorrow. Yes, those heartless bastards whose evil computer-based health checks have driven thousands to consider suicide and up to 1000 have actually died after being passed fit for work.

Here’s the back of the letter.

They check folk for fitness to work so lots of people are disabled. And guess what? No wheelchair access, no disabled parking, parking restrictions on the road outside and no public carparks nearby. Yet they are supposed to provide these things.

How can this be? I hear you all asking.

The government has to save money needed by poor people to give to its rich friends and backers so they pick on the weakest in society.

It would take me all night to list the problems with this company so I suggest readers who like horror stories check out the Wikipedia page here.

Here’s a passage from a recent Guardian story about a doctor who filmed his ATOS “training”

“For employment support allowance, we talk about mobilising, which means being able to transfer from point A to point B either by walking, walking with aids, which is crutches, walking sticks, Zimmer frame or using a manual wheelchair. So if someone has no legs but they have good hands, they can sit and propel a manual wheelchair, they don’t score anything. This is one of the toughest changes,” she says. “I’ve recently had somebody with prostate cancer, but of course that’s not traditionally treated with chemotherapy so I gave him no points.  And I couldn’t do anything else…. Same with breast cancer: the hormonal treatments don’t count. So he was given no points, I felt very uncomfortable doing it and I didn’t like doing it, but  I had no way of scoring him.” Guardian

So I’ll post the grisly details after tomorrow’s meeting. Of course, I’ll be typing with my tongue…


2 responses

  1. It’s too late to tell all tonight but tomorrow’s another day…

    August 14, 2012 at 8:56 pm

  2. hi… i didn’t agree with some of the stuff, nevertheless i did appreciated the post overall… this article was actually suggested to me by a good friend at facebook and he ended up being right. really good read! Take care.

    August 15, 2012 at 8:12 pm

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