Making the Future Female

The Pathology of the British State (part 997)


Ian Tomlinson pathologist brought profession into disrepute, tribunal finds

Dr Freddy Patel, who investigated the death of innocemt newspaper seller in G20 protests, showed dishonesty and deficient performance.

But this was enough to slow down the proceedings and sow seeds of doubt as to the real cause of death. The panel ruling was not only in consideration of the Ian Tomlinson case, but also three other post mortems in which he had acted “irresponsibly”, and a fourth in which he determined that a young woman who had actually been murdered, had died of natural causes.

So the big questions now are: Who picked this clown, and were they in the same Freemason’s Lodge as the so-called pathologist?

Stephen Knight shows how coroners, pathologists, judges, police officers and military types all come together in lodge – and pathologists and coroners are nearly all “On the Level

It’s interesting to compare the investigation into Mr Tomlinson’s death with how the authorities are pursuing Julian Assange.

Double Standards anyone?



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