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ATOS kills

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This video from Britain says about itself:

Feb 19, 2012

The disabled in Britain are going to be made to carry out unpaid work or lose benefits under a new Goverment, Department of pensions scheme. Cancer victims and stroke victims are included in new plans the Goverment will announce, where French company Atos will carry out medical assessments and those put under a new “Wrag”- Work related activity group- forced to work unpaid or have benefit cuts “sanctions”. … The unemployed in Britain already face similar threats in benefit cuts and now this has been extended to the most vulnerable people in society. Protests have already taken place in Tesco, one store which planned to use unpaid labourers.

By Roddy Slorach in Britain:

The Paralympic Games: disability, sport and capitalism

Roddy Slorach asks what it means to be disabled in a society based on ruthless competition

The 2012 Paralympic…

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