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Paralympic Games Competitor Sacked

Hours before the Paralympic Games opening this evening a poignant protest was made yards from the stadium by a former medal-winner – who’s just been sacked from Remploy.

The hypocrisy of the government which was red-carpeting disabled athletes while throwing loyal Remploy workers on the dole was exposed before the world.

GMB member Brian Davies won four swimming medals at the 1982 Oslo Paralympic Games but lost his job a fortnight ago when the Remploy factory in Wigan closed.

It is just one of 27 factories being closed by the government by the end of the year throwing more than 2,000 workers on the dole, about 1,700 of them disabled.

A further nine factories face an uncertain future. The remaining 18 sites are due to close or be sold-off next year.

Outside Stratford rail station Mr Davies was joined by Remploy workers also facing the sack who gave out leaflets to passing members of the public.

Since the announcement of the closures was made – called by many the government’s most unkindest cut of all – there has been a massive wave of public support at protests, demos and strike picket lines.

Further protests are planned including a week of strike action from Monday at Chesterfield and Springburn in Glasgow.

GMB national secretary Phil Davies said: “If some axe-grinding disabled charities had their way and followed their own logic there would be no Paralympic Games – since they would be branded as segregated.

“It was this dogmatic logic that led them to call for Remploy factories to be closed on the grounds that segregation was demeaning.”


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