Making the Future Female

A call to arms…

The American Spring Network

Obama shatters the illusion of difference between candidates and platforms. He pulls the curtain back for us, revealing his continuation of the police and surveillance states, neo-liberal economics and endless war. He has put the CIA in charge of elements of our armed services. He uses drones to kill innocents, sanctions to starve, and the police state and military sword to enforce fascism.

He does use your money to spy on you. He does use your money to enforce the will of the banks and the elite. He does export suffering worldwide. He does use the police state against you.

No dissent. It will not be tolerated. The DNC has a ‘free speech’ cage where people are ‘allowed’ to protest.  Camera cops are recording them for later identification.  They will be processed through Trapwire and NSI/SAR bulletins. They will be cross checked against an unfathomable data mine, Stellar Wind. Their…

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