Making the Future Female

Go women!

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This video says about itself:

The Women of Tahrir

This short film seeks to highlight the powerful role women played in making the Egyptian revolution of January 25th [2011] possible.

From Aswat Masriya (Cairo, Egypt):

Egypt: Women’s Movement Calls for Anti-Harassment March

By Omnaya Talal, 6 September 2012

A new Egyptian women’s movement announced that it will begin its activities by organizing an anti-harassment march that calls for a law that criminalizes the use of violence against women.

The movement, that goes by the name “The Egyptian Women’s Front”, has garnered the support of many political parties including Tagamoa, Al-Wafd, the Nasserist, Egyptian Democratic, Free Egyptians, Popular Coalition and Al-Ghad parties.

The movement also garnered the support of the women rights coalition, the Creativity Front and a number of organizations dedicated to women rights and young movements and initiatives.

One of the founders, Hoda Badran, said that there has…

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