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News broke today that creepy former Radio 1 deejay and television presenter Jimmy Savile was interviewed under caution by Surrey police in 2007 about sexual assault allegations dating back to the 1970s.

However, the force dropped its 2007 investigation after the Crown Prosecution Service advised that there was insufficient evidence for a prosecution, the force said on Monday.

The development came to light after up to 10 women told a documentary they were assaulted by the Jim’ll Fix It frontman, who died last year.

The supposed ‘lack of evidence’ can be read to mean Savile was rich and connected to powerful figures, as a former BBC presenter says she actually caught him abusing a young girl.

Broadcaster Paul Gambaccini has added to the claims that Savile sexually abused schoolchildren, claiming the star used his charity work and ‘imperial personality’ within show business to prevent his private life being exposed.

Speaking ahead of a forthcoming ITV documentary that claims Savile abused schoolgirls during his many years of stardom, Gambaccini said his former Radio 1 colleague played tabloid newspapers “like a Stradivarius” in order to keep the abuse secret.

Now the BBC is under pressure to explain why it stopped an investigation by it’s own journalists.

Late last year the BBC decided to drop a Newsnight item investigating allegations of sexual abuse by Savile, who died last October aged 84, leading to accusations the piece was ‘killed’ to spare the Corporation’s reputation. Instead, two tribute programmes celebrating his BBC career were aired.

However, a BBC spokesman said no evidence of any allegations of misconduct had ever been found in its files, so it was “simply not possible for the Corporation to take any further action”.

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  1. Hi, I seem to remember hearing something similar years ago, I think at one point there were lots of rumours flying about in the 90s sometime, but I can’t remember properly. With these things it takes years doesn’t it sometimes for something so horrible as this to get a proper public hearing as it has done. Sad that he won’t face trial though now for those horrific crimes.

    October 2, 2012 at 5:52 am

    • Yes, good point. Of course it’s the victims I feel sorry for – nobody listened to them because the allegations were against a powerful man. This also has a more general importance, because many folk that have been abused find their stories not only disbelieved but they get accused for somehow causing trouble or treated as if the claims are fantasies to shift the blame for issues in their lives. This has happened to me. 🙂

      October 2, 2012 at 11:10 am

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