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Peter Joseph’s latest film is out and available to watch on my Facebook page.

The movie is entitled


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It’s fairly short and enjoyable.

It was on YouTube for a while but now appears to have been taken down.

Towards an advanced and mature p2p world civilisation

A map for the future 🙂

Social Network Unionism

Our current civilization is based on the dominancy of capitalist mode of production relations and other social relations that are in large portion outcomes of or strongly determined by the principal relationships of this mode, including ‘foreign’ relations between alienated human societies.

The rising people’s grassroots movement openly and clearly challenges and wants to change these relationships at a global scale.

This conscious ‘demand’ of the peoples is being unsuccessfully undermined by the mainstream media.

The existence of astonishing number of alternative visions for the aftermath of the approaching collapse is the proof of this: the gift economy, solidarity economy, participatory economy, resource based economy, commons based economy, and many more.

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FOOD INC. – Shocking statistics about how a few giants control the US food market.

Shocking statistics about how a few giants control the US food market. The regulators are drawn mainly from the food industry and the huge financial clout of the market leaders ensures their business model triumphs over good sense and healthy eating.

Stop Alimentarius

Στo FOOD, Inc, ο σκηνοθέτης Robert Kenner σηκώνει το πέπλο για τη βιομηχανία τροφίμων της Αμερικής, εκθέτοντας την τεράστια εκβιομηχάνιση που έχει κρυφτεί από τον Αμερικανό καταναλωτή και δεν συμβαδίζει με τους ρυθμιστικούς οργανισμούς USDA και FDA.

Ο εφοδιασμός των τροφίμων του έθνους τώρα ελέγχεται από μια χούφτα εταιριών που θέτουν συχνά κέρδος πάνω από την υγεία των καταναλωτών, την ποιότητα ζωής του γεωργού, την ασφάλεια των εργαζομένων και του

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Drugs, politics, Mexican Narco-cartels and Mormons

Drugs, politics, Mexican Narco-cartels and Mormons. What could be more exciting?

In this set of 7 short films, VICE founder Shane Smith went down to Ciudad Juárez, near the US border, to investigate this bizarre story.

We learn how the “Mormon Manson” turned his family into assassins, leading to the murder of 40 people, all in the name of blood atonement. The cartel boss “El Rikin” gets revenge against a local Mormon community leader.

The Mormons illegally arm themselves and implement counter-terrorism techniques the US military used in Iraq and Afghanistan. VICE team is stalked by the cartel after going on patrol with the police and drinking with the Mormons.

We also learn what Mitt Romney’s Mexican cousins think about his strict immigration policies. VICE talks to Mitt Romney’s Mexican relatives about the time a family member was kidnapped and held for ransom by the cartel.

We also hear how the so-called War On Drugs has failed and ideas on how to reduce the violence.

Birmingham’s Poor Feel Benefit Cuts

While we’e talking about the rich and poor, read how Birmingham’s poor are being treated by the worst UK government ever

Birmingham Against The Cuts

In a report on welfare reforms from 17 charities and non-profit organisations, the effect of cuts to housing benefit on low paid, unemployed, disabled, carers and older people and their communities has been raised by almost every organisation submitting evidence to the council.

Midland Heart, one of the regions largest social landlords, say their customers

Generally feel dismayed and negative. They are unhappy and unenthusiastic about the changes to the benefits system and afraid that they will be unable to live on reduced benefits

From April 2011 the rate for Local Housing Allowance (LHA), which replaces Housing Benefit, restricts claimants to the cheapest 30% of the private rented market. This does not take into account the substantial number of landlords who will not take welfare claimants, with “No DSS” a common feature in house letting adverts. Giving Hope, Changing Lives – a social inclusion process led by the Bishop…

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I’ve felt since I was old enough to understand life that being wealthy was wrong.

Hence I’ve always identified with the Robin Hoods rather than the robbing bastards. 

Which side are YOU on?



What fantastic news!

Everyone, quick, let’s take to the streets!

After a year of revolt which became known as the “Maple Spring”—including massive street protests that received global attention—university students across Quebec were celebrating victory on Thursday night following the announcement from newly elected Premier Pauline Marois that the government was cancelling the proposed tuition hike that led to the student uprising and nullifying the contentious Bill 78 law which was introduced to curb the powerful protests.



And I thought we couldn’t learn much from the Ancients…

Social Network Unionism

Collective debt cancellation has a significant and long lived historical precedence.

It’s time to revive the tradition !! 

In this article political scientist Eric Toussaint, highlights some of the most notable features of debt cancellation as it was practiced in Mesopotamia and Egypt from 3000 to 1000 BCE. Eric Toussaint is president of The Committee for Abolition of Third World Debt.

The Long Tradition of Debt Cancellation in Mesopotamia and Egypt from 3000 to 1000 BC

by Eric Toussaint

Hammurabi, king of Babylon, and debt cancellation

Hammurabic Code on diorite stele, front side

The Hammurabi Code is in the Louvre Museum, in Paris. The term “code” is inappropriate, because what Hammurabi left us is a set of rules and judgements on relations between public authorities and citizens. Hammurabi began his 42-year reign as “king” of Babylon (located in present-day Iraq), in 1792 BC.

What most history books fail…

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Channel 4 investigative programme Dispatches exposes what Michael “Groper” Gove and his rich chums are doing to kid’s dinners.

As usual with the ConDems, it’s all about saving money to give to the rich.

After Jamie Oliver’s high-profile campaign to improve school meals, millions of pounds were pumped into improving school canteens and tough minimum standards on food and nutrition were set and enforced. Reporter Tazeen Ahmad examines evidence that strategies to improve the food served in all our schools are fast coming undone.

A hundred and ninety local authorities and 108 Academy schools responded to a survey by the programme, which found massive variations in the amount spent on dinners, with some schools opting out of providing a daily hot meal altogether.

Dispatches visits one English primary school where the only hot food available to children is supplied by volunteers working from the local village hall.

Around half of our children now attend Academy Schools, free from local control. Education Secretary Michael Gove exempted them from nutritional standards introduced by the last government, promising that standards would not deteriorate.

However, the Dispatches survey provides worrying new evidence about previously banned products being made available to pupils. The programme speaks to one catering supplier who says that once again many schools are now looking to source cheap, low-quality products.

One parent did his own detective work to discover out of the £2.10 per meal charged by one council, only 59 pence was being spent on ingredients.

As a consequence many children are voting with their feet, either bringing their own packed lunches or going outside school and eating from take-aways.

Dispatches examines the councils trying to fight back and restrict the growth of fast food outlets near schools, and reveals the national chain reluctant to take no for an answer.


A short documentary made by Aljazeera showing the human cost of the housing crisis on America’s poor – mostly black and brown families who were conned into subprime mortgages and renters who come home to find the locks have been changed and they’re homeless.

This powerful little film follows social activists who are trying to fight back and clean up some empty properties to rehouse the millions without a roof over their heads.

As the social activist said, “We could have bailed out the banks or the people – but we bailed out the banks…”

It should be upsetting to see folk lose their homes, but the rich don’t care, and Obama didn’t care enough to actually do anything. 

But this is the future for the UK, Spain, Italy and the rest of Europe and much of the world if we don’t change the system – it’s time to wake up from the nightmare of the American Dream…


The media in the UK this week have been trumpeting the fact that Vince Cable, the government’s Business Secretary, is supposedly at war with his Conservative colleagues over disagreements about employment legislation and so-called ‘red tape’.

‘Red tape’ is government speak for rules that protect ordinary people from being dismissed for no reason or for health and safety regulations that protect employees in shops, offices and factories across the nation.

A prime example of red tape that was cut by Conservative governments was the regulation that stopped the feeding of mixed up animals to other animals. This led to mad cow disease.

If one is to believe the gutter press, the workers of this country are the most cosseted in the world and cannot be sacked even if they guillotine the managing director. Of course this is nonsense. The health and safety executive whose job it is to monitor these issues never have enough staff to inspect all the businesses, and so are always under pressure.

 The Labour Party has been cozying up to Cable showing they couldn’t care less about workers’ rights as well.

There has been a campaign for many decades to paint health and safety legislation as unneeded, intrusive and expensive for our poor beleaguered businesses. As you would expect, the opposite is true. Students of history will know that working conditions were universally awful in the past. The Factory System started in Britain during the time of the Industrial Revolution in the second half of the 18th century. Workers were forced to work up to 16 hours a day for a pittance. Women and children worked in mines and health and safety was nonexistent. This is what William Blake was describing when he wrote about the “dark satanic mills” in his poem Jerusalem.

Individual workers and trade unions battled throughout the 19th century and early 20th century to create a reasonably safe workplace. Sadly, employers care little about their workers and see staff as just another cost of production. What is even more disappointing is that the length and level of propaganda against health and safety is such that many workers echo these calls for fewer regulations as if that would help them in some way.

I’ve worked in a wide variety of workplaces and very few of them take health and safety seriously. Over the last decade I was employed by Jaguar Land Rover at the Solihull plant and can tell those who have never worked in the factory that it was and is a particularly dangerous place.

We take it for granted that everyone strives for safer road safety for instance, so why should factories, offices and shops be any different? Of course it is nonsense, but this message has been hammered home again and again because it saves money for big business. The papers always talk about ‘small companies not being able to cope with all the regulations’ but that is just a smokescreen. As usual it is the bigger businesses that drive the propaganda through the media.

I’ve been injured at work through industrial accidents and can tell you it is not easy to get compensation from an employer. Even when it is obvious that the company was to blame, there are many difficulties for an ordinary person to receive proper compensation. For a start, there has to be witnesses. The company always has lawyers who will lie, cheat and do anything they can go to deny the reality of the situation and reduce the amount of compensation payable.

On top of that there are the trade unions: most ordinary trade union officials are brilliant people who work very hard for their members. However the paid officials are another matter. Often they are in league with the company and work against the interests of the ordinary worker. For a trade union to support one of its members in a claim for an industrial accident the worker has to use the unions preferred solicitors. I have experience of this situation and it was a pretty depressing time. Not only do you have the injuries from the accident but all the odds are stacked against you. You need to be confident, patient, resourceful and thick skinned.

Now we read the Vincent Cable, a former oil company executive, and no friend of the working class. will this week promise to abolish health and safety inspections unless firms are operating in higher risk areas such as construction or energy, or if they have a record of poor performance. The right to compensation is also to be cut back.

Rubbish tabloid newspapers have screamed for years that Britain has a ‘compensation culture’. This, for those who haven’t heard the phrase before, is meant to imply that workers are suing their employers for massive sums every day of the week. As we’ve mentioned before, the truth is obviously nothing like this at all.

I was also a health and safety representative for my area. It was hard enough to get the company to do anything about dangerous situations before, but now the government are planning to cut back on the inspections by the health and safety executive. This is a carte blanche for bad employers to ignore the health of their workers and turn a blind eye to health and safety.

The Conservative Liberal coalition government is planning to turn the clock back to the last century when workers could be hired and fired at the drop of a cloth cap and injuries at work cost the company nothing but the workers their health and prosperity.

Many workers have lost their lives, limbs vision, hearing and livelihoods through accidents at work – but no manager or employer has ever been convicted of manslaughter for these crimes.

Is this the kind of country we want to live in?



For a fast-paced, radical take on global economics watch ‘On the Edge‘ on Press TV.

Each week Max Keiser talks to a guest – a mix of academics and commercial pundits –  about hot economic topics. 

You don’t need to be an expert to understand the discussions and I’ve learned a whole lot about economics over the last few months.

New shows are available each Saturday, and there are also links to past editions on the right of the page.

Max also has a website and hosts shows on Russia Today