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Recently people keep talking about this or that politician, or they say let’s petition parliament or the president. But these are the bastards that are oppressing us – we don’t need governing – that’s what kings, dictators and emperors have done for thousands of years. Governments are just the same – they are a way of managing the people – they’re not for us!

We don’t need hierarchies so I’ve invented the word LOWERARCHY

If we are all the same let’s act like it – don’t give your power to leaders – they’re part of the problem not the solution.

People are not their religions…

People are not their religions.

Terms like “Christian” and “Muslim” often obscure the contradictions we all know we have. (Thanks to my mate Harsh Mellow for pointing this out)

Most folk only believe bits of the dogma and orthodoxies pushed by religious leaders and leave out the rest. That explains why there are so many different variants of the major faiths.

People are born into families and cultures where certain religions are dominant and rarely choose their own faith – that’s why the so-called leaders are desperate to continue to circumcise etc – they need to put their marks on the young.

The same goes for teaching children myth as history. This is why I’m arguing to Keep Religion Out of Schools (KROS). Religion is more dangerous than sex and we have an age of consent for that.

We have nearly identical DNA to chimps yet we are fooled into thinking we’re different from folk who wear a slightly different symbol round their necks.

I blame the political and religious leaders for this state of affairs. That’s why I say “Don’t follow leaders – they fuck you up!”

Here’s a quote from my satirical novel:

We’re not saying it’s the new religion. The time of leaders has passed, and the age of governments is ending. We’re not looking to the past but to the future. We don’t need gods and goddesses for we are women – we gave birth to humanity and we’ll solve our own problems.

Just Don’t…

Lowerarchy – the opposite of Hierarchy

As Sharon approached the old folks’ home the next morning, she was thinking about social change. Revolutions usually put worse leaders in power, but if you took those leaders out others would replace them. Then an idea came to her; she would be the leader to end all leaders, and instead of a hierarchy they’d have a… lowerarchy!

Quote from novel DOG Sharon: The Future is Female

The Time of Leaders has Passed

Don’t follow leaders…

…they’re more lost than you!

Who’s in the pix?

Take a look at pictures of the bankers behind the global financial system discussing their plans, the military chiefs organising a war, most national leaders and religious bosses (popes, patriarchs, ministers, pastors etc) and they will mainly be men.

Society is not organised for the benefit of the majority and the so-called sacred stories provide mythic support for this lop-sided perspective.

Long live the Lowerarchy!