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Anders Behring Breivik declared sane and sentenced to 21 years

Court decides confessed killer was not psychotic when he went on rampage in Oslo that left 77 people dead.

How can this behaviour be sane? What would constitute insane behaviour then? 

Obviously Norway is not in danger of losing its culture to Islam and Intellectual Marxism so in what way is the bloke sane?

If he’s sane, then was the Sikh murderer sane? Was Adolf Hitler sane? Of course not.

This is a worrying trend.

White Christian murderers are never labelled as “Terrorist” yet if it was a dark-skinned person they would be.

If Breivik is sane the rest of us must be mad.

Are Muslims Even Madder than Christians?

Pakistani girl accused of Qur’an burning could face death penalty

Tensions rise between Muslim and Christian communities amid claims that 11-year-old desecrated text.

On Sunday, houses on the backstreets of Mehrabadi, an area 20 minutes’ drive from western embassies and government ministries, were locked with padlocks, their occupants having fled to already overcrowded Christian slums in and around the capital.

Readers of this blog will know I like to satirise religion and ridicule folks that get carried away praising their invisible gods, but this is perhaps the maddest and most evil development imaginable.

These poor folk – see where they live below – have so little understanding of life and their place in it that some call for an 11-year old girl to die for allegedly burning a few scraps of paper.

In a move that makes the US government seem almost sane, Muslims claim the girl has insulted their religion.

Rifta Masih was arrested on Thursday, after complaints against her prompted angry demonstrations. Asif Ali Zardari, the president, has ordered the interior ministry to investigate the case.

900 Christians have had to leave their houses and the brave few that remained find local Muslim shopkeepers will not sell them food and water.

Local Christians claim this has been made up to serve as a reason for ethnic cleansing.

It’s worth remembering here that Muhammad – alleged founder of Islam – married approximately a dozen females including slaves and young girls. Sadly females are still treated appallingly in many Muslim societies.

To me this proves the so-called religion is based on nonsense or its adherents would be so insecure. Remember the Danish cartoon affair?

It’s not often I get the urge to burn books – I love books – but I’ve got an English translation of the Koran…

A tribute to the brave folk of Sicily

Click here to see a film I made about how young Sicilians are taking on the Mafia or Cosa Nostra for my postgraduate studies at Coventry University.

Protection money is called “pizzo” in Sicilian meaning “to dip one’s beak”

Addiopizzo (literally “goodbye extortion”) is the brilliant young movement promoting “Consumo Critico” in an effort to cleanse the island of organised crime.