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Note the use of the royal “We” in this piece of shoddy “journalism” from the UK Guardian’s Tanya ‘Arse’ Gold. Who exactly “we” are in this context is never made clear.

She claims “we” are lapping up the government’s propaganda bollocks and there’s no anger in Britain.

She must have been on a very long holiday to the Moon if she hasn’t noticed that disabled folk, the poor, students, the unemployed, schoolkids, teachers, soldiers, the police, lecturers, rioters, Occupy, trade unions, doctors, women’s groups, charities, NGOs, nurses, supporters of Wikileaks and pensioners are up in arms at the recent crappy policies of austerity and poor-bashing by the shower of shit popularly known as the Coalition Government.

You couldn’t make it up – although Tanya managed to…

I wonder if she writes in crayon?