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Peter Joseph’s latest film is out and available to watch on my Facebook page.

The movie is entitled


Click here to watch

It’s fairly short and enjoyable.

It was on YouTube for a while but now appears to have been taken down.

WHERE ARE WE GOING? Peter Joseph offers some answers.

In WHERE ARE WE GOING? Peter Joseph talks about the ideas behind The Venus Project and a resource-based economy and how we need to change our culture to grow as a species.

Peter shows how competition, elitism and an economy based on scarcity can only lead to wars, unhappiness and ultimately the destruction of humanity. He advocates a truly breathtaking social evolution where everyone is valued and everyone contributes to the greater good of all.

Using modern technology, critical thinking and a systems-based approach we can construct a future society that will eliminate waste and provide everybody with what they need to prosper and realise their potential.

Like the Zeitgeist films, this lecture is most illuminating and liberating, and well-worth spending an hour or so to educate ourselves in these crucial approaches.

The big question is; when will YOU commit to creating a beautiful future for all life on this planet?


Click here to watch a brilliant short film by Peter Joseph, creator of the Zeitgeist movies.

In US election year, Peter sardonically examines American democracy and shows how the capitalist system controls our thoughts and actions so there are no real choices. He shows how puppet politicians are bankrolled by corporations and asks why we need these leaders at all. This is the same point I make in Womanifesto and we agree that modern leaders play the same role as kings, emperors and dictators did formerly.

For democracy to work, all citizens must be educated to understand the issues, yet critical thinking and logic are ignored and learning by rote is taught to millions. Joseph argues the US two party political system is a con – there is no real choice and all good change derives from pressure from below – not the Republican and Democratic parties.

He also shows how the big parties came together to set up and control the Presidential debates so killing intelligent discussion and stopping smaller parties getting airtime. This is exactly the same as in the UK and most other so-called democracies. Noam Chomsky has been saying this for years.

Even now as more and more species become extinct, the climate changes to who knows what and humanity teeters on the brink of disaster, most folk are more interested in inane celebrities, fashion and consumerism.

Peter also shows how religion creates an unthinking populace who do as they are told rather than questioning everything.

So if you care about the future, the ecosystem and your own minds – watch and engage with this film – what could be more important?