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Nobody Wins a Medal in an Arms Race…

So the sabre-rattlling by the US and its allies makes sense – evil nonetheless, but for a reason – to sell expensive weapons.

Just like companies selling burglar alarms need to shout about crime, the big arms manufacturers need fear of war to hawk their evil wares.

And my friends, we all know what arms races lead to…

A gun is a machine with some woman’s child at both ends!

Remember The Slits!

Most of the world have now heard of Pussy Riot after their brilliant attack on Russian premier Putin, but I think we have to give some credit to UK punks The Slits.

I saw The Slits with The Clash and Subway Sect back in 1977 and they were far out.

Their album ‘Cut‘ is an absolute classic and needs listening to regularly.


Here’s a link to one of the top tunes from this era – it’s entitled ‘Typical Girls‘ (The sound quality’s not great but the dancing and attitude is)

Also try ‘New Town

Give it a go!

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