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Twitter allows advertisers to target users directly in bid to increase profits

Social media platform slashes the price of ‘promoted tweets’  to 1 penny and will sift through messages to discern users’ specific interests.

Careful with that Tweet – Old Bill is Listening…

Police and prosecutors in the UK have been accused of being “incredibly heavy-handed” when dealing with online trolls and abusive messages.

It follows several cases where young people have been arrested, fined or jailed after posting insulting comments on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Campaign groups and experts from Oxford University say the punishments are heavier than in other countries.

Paul Chambers, 28, was fined £1,000 for tweeting “joke” about blowing up airport in Sheffield. The verdict was overturned in June 2012 BBC

According to the Campaign Against Censorship, jokes or sarcasm are often misread, especially when people only have 140 characters.

Index, which campaigns for freedom of expression, say such cases are “silly” and the police only pursue them because they are “easy prosecutions”.