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Women of the World

Another film with some top acting, camera work and direction. Ha!

Click here to watch.

Too Much Too Young

Click here to see a short film I made with my partner to illustrate some themes in my novel DOG Sharon: The Future is Female

A gun is a weapon with some woman’s child at both ends

Marx said history was the record of the struggle between classes, but it’s also the record of the War on Women, for women are always on the losing side; a gun is a weapon with some woman’s child at both ends.  There’s never been a time when there wasn’t a War on Women.

Greece, the cradle of so-called democracy, didn’t allow women to vote; Rome’s power was built on violence and was ruled by a succession of Emperors. It evolved to become the Roman Catholic Church ruled by a succession of Popes, while the Anglican Church was founded on the murder of women.  Christianity is one of a triumvirate of misogynist religions that claim God’s male and whose books sanction violence to women.

Feudalism was based on the Great Chain of Being with God at the top, man next and women below with the animals. With industrialisation women were forced into factories, mines and prostitution.  Britain and Germany grew rich and spent the money on arms, causing two world wars. Men claimed women couldn’t be trusted to vote and resisted equality everywhere.

Women have been held back in employment and education, are still paid less, are abused and ignored while at the same time caring for more people, never starting wars and rarely using violence.  The latest instalment of the War on Women is rightly receiving attention as US females protest attacks on their reproductive rights – but let’s not get confused – this is just another skirmish in an ancient conflict.

Women of the World – Awake!

 They say there’s no war against women

And claim that they value our work

They say we deserve equal wages

And if we wait long enough it will come

They say that we need lots of soldiers

and more and more weapons and gear

And more and more friendly policemen

to keep us all safe and secure

They say that they care about children

And have their best interests at heart

Their schooling, their future, the world that they live in

They won’t let it all fall apart

They say they don’t need all our children

For factories and retail and wars

There’s only one thing that can stop them

When women unite in one cause